Highland Park: (847) 433-6466 | Northfield: (847) 446-5551
ENAZ: Energy, Nature, Attitude, and a Zest for Life!

About Us

Once upon a time, not so long ago, an Energy came to Highland Park, Illinois, a Zest for Life, enacting with Nature and reflecting an Attitude all its own. Others with this vision flocked to see all that is style. The newest, most notable clothing lines, vibrant looks, artisan jewelry and the Custom Spa Bar, lotions, soaps, oils and more to treat your body and spirit.

ENAZ: Energy…Nature…Attitude…Zest for Life. Make it your mantra as ENAZ comes to you - wherever you are, and live happily ever after.

ENAZ: The store envelops its own acronym. While at the same time urban and contemporary, a warm, welcoming atmosphere is ever-present. A favorite destination, ENAZ is about community and run by family.

Opened as a custom leather studio in the early 90's, ENAZ made the transformation into clothing lines, jewelry and the famous Spa Bar at the store became THE destination for all that is style.

Operated by sisters Melinda Kaplan, Lena Blitstein and Samantha Lurie, and founded by their mother, Susan, ENAZ highlights vibrant t-shirts, chunky knitwear, dressy pieces, plus impressive jewelry lines... Our Spa Bar features over 25 scented oils for blending into silky lotions and bath gels.

ENAZ... An eclectic journey to fashion, urban awareness and organic chic paralleling with sensible style.